Tea With Claudia: Zesty Meyers

"Claudia Juestel, Zesty & Max Meyers" With  Zesty Meyers and Max Meyers at Samovar (Photo: Deborah Taylor)

I recently sat down with Zesty Meyers, co-owner of R Gallery, known as one America’s foremost showcases for 20th century design.  An artist, gallery owner, curator, and historian, Zesty is an authority on mid-century design. He shared some of his passions with me over tea at Samovar at Yerba Buena Gardens. Continue reading

Adeeni Design Group enters the blogging world

"Claudia Juestel"Hallo everyone,

In  addition to running an interior design firm in San Francisco I am also the design and architecture editor for SFLuxe and Reside.  So while sharing some of my more “serious” articles and interviews with prominent figures in design and architecture featured on these online publications, I also wanted to indulge you in a more lighthearted side.

My mind is always going, going, full of strange observations, big questions, lavish ideas, and random musings.  Could I let those reflections loose on the world?

Now where to start?  A few initial thoughts come to mind: Continue reading