Tea and Chocolates make for a wonderful combination

Those of you know know that I like tea may also know that I love chocolate, really good chocolate that is.  Having grown up in Austria, always tempted by the most delicious desserts, I have attained a very discernible taste for sweets.  Socola Chocolatier, a local confectioner creating some of the most amazing truffles, stands up to the test.  Founded by sisters Wendy and Susan Lieu they paid tribute to their heritage by naming the company after the Vietnamese word for chocolate.  Their Asian heritage, their passion for travel, and their inspired curiosity make for some interesting flavors.   “Chai Baba Chai” is made from a blend of Assam tea and warm spices, “Stout Beer” is infused with Rogue Ale’s Shakespear Stout, and “Notorious H.O.G.” includes pieces of applewood smoked bacon. Continue reading

SF20: Panel Discussion

“Band Saw Box” made from Hyedua wood by Arthur Espenet Carpenter, 1972, collection of the Smithsonian American Art Museum

SF20, the San Francisco Modernism Show & Sale opening next week will be holding a panel discussion about preserving the legacy of the studio craft movement in Marin County.

Moderated by Katie Nartonis (Bonhams & Butterfields) and Gerard O’Brien (Reform Gallery) the panelists Tripp Carpenter (son of Arthur Espenet Carpenter), Maria Nielson (daughter of J. B. Blunk) and Henry Urbach (Helen Hilton Raiser curator of architecture and design at SFMOMA) will discuss the life work of master Northern California woodworkers J. B. Blunk and Arthur Espenet Carpenter, as well as the unique and pressing challenge of preserving their respective studios for future generations. Continue reading