SFLuxe: SF20: The 20th Century Has Grown Up

Gate to SF20 (Photo: Drew Altizer)

Just as Zesty Meyers predicted a year ago SF20, the San Francisco 20th Century Art and Design Show, is on its way to become the West Coast’s preeminent modernism show.  Judging from the turnout at the opening night gala that benefitted the SFMOMA SF20 is catching on quickly.  Honorary Chairs Carla Emil and Rich Silverstein, event co-chairs Katie SchwabAllison Speer and Stanlee Gatti and Designer Forum Chair Douglas Durkin drew serious collectors from all over, supporters of SFMOMA, most interiors designers I know, and all generations of the social set. Continue reading

“Art of the Table” Seminar at Gump’s

Ladies of the National Smart Set in the audience

I recently had the pleasure of holding one of my table top seminars at Gump’s.  The audience was comprised of forty ladies from the  “National Smart Set”, an African American social organization, which was started at Howard University in 1937.  Along with Sigma Pi PHi (Boule) they held their annual national conference in San Francisco this year, with a long weekend packed full with events.  Gump’s held two of them, a perfume presentation about the creation of their signature scent Baroque Pearl by Gary McNatton of Through Smoke Creative, and mine about setting creative tables. Continue reading

First Class: The friendly sky or no better way to fly?

View from plane (Photo: Lev Sector)

I just recently returned from Europe, happily flying first class in both directions, on United Airlines and Lufthansa respectively.  Of course no matter what class of service everyone on the plane wants to get there on time, comfortably and safely.  But when flying first class travelers expectations rise significantly.  I have have often had conversations with friends about how US airlines fair against European ones, and have been called a Euro snob at times.  So I thought I would pay closer attention this time, as I had the opportunity to fly on two different airlines during the same trip. Continue reading