Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving, Austrian style

“Erntekrone” made from straw and wheat (Photo: courtesy of Landfrauen Parchim)

Hailing from Austria Thanksgiving here in America has only been an adult tradition from.  Although I don’t have the same childhood memories of family getting together I have been blessed with kind friends who included me and often a few other “orphans” in their own family traditions.  I have brought dishes, helped set up, but I have never hosted Thanksgiving myself.  So something to put on the calendar for next year perhaps?  But this year I will still be heading to a friend’s house for the usual treats.  I will be bringing four different Austrian-style salads and caviar.  Perhaps not traditional for a good old-fashioned Thanksgiving, but why not? Continue reading

Unique Talent: Kevin Randolph

Kevin Randolph with his daughter Leah at the Mavelous opening (Photo: Moanalani Jeffrey)

Many times I come across incredibly talented people who produce captivating works of art, stunning jewelry, unique furnishings, gorgeous textiles etc.  I am so impressed by what they do, but often I am surprised that they are not as well known as they should be.  Do their admirers keep them a secret, not wanting to share them?  But I want the world to know about these wonderful artists!  So I thought I would share their craft with you all. Continue reading

Dining by Design: Only 3 days to go

Kravet’s table for Dining by Design 2011 (Photo: courtesy of Kravet)

Dining by Design is almost here, and we are in high gear putting the last minute touches on our table for Poggenpohl, “A Celebration of Life” to honor Dining by Design’s ten year anniversary in San Francisco.  We dedicated our design to the tireless staff at the Positive Health Program. Continue reading