Tea With Claudia: Kyle Bunting

With Kyle Bunting at Seasons Bar & Lounge at the Four Seasons
(Photo: Moanalani Jeffrey)

Very few in design are not familiar with Kyle Bunting the brand which makes some of the most extraordinary cowhide rugs; but the company’s namesake founder is quite illusive.  So I was considerably surprised by Kyle Bunting’s candor when we set down with at the Four Seasons for tea. Continue reading

Welcome to the Year of the Rabbit

Chinese stone zodiac with Dao (Photo: courtesy War of Science)

Wishing you all a very happy Chinese New Year!

I won’t be going to any celebrations or light fire crackers tonight, and I  most likely won’t be watching the Chinese New Year Parade, but I am welcoming the lunar year of the Rabbit (Hare) today, which is supposed to come as a respite from the ferocious year of the Tiger.  Traditionally associated with home and family, creativity, diplomacy, and  peace, it promises to be a calmer year than 2010, and given the rabbit’s associations perhaps a more fortuitous one for the world of design as well. Continue reading