Très chic mobile homes

Vintage Airstream redesigned by Craig Dorsey in an Adirondak theme (Photo: Craig Dorsey)

I had no idea what a trailer park was when I first came to this country, as we really don’t have anything like that in Austria.  But once I learned more I always wondered why trailers could not look a little better, even on a very small budget.  Nevertheless I am fascinated by the mobility, low budget construction and the small imprint on the environment.  Inspired by Brillante Interiors’ piece about a Hangar Design Group’s mobile micro-home I researched more options for stylish mobile living. Continue reading

Luxury Marketing Council: “Are you leaving money on the table?”

Panel: Erin Feher, Elizabeth Suzuki, Robin Strandberg and yours truly (Photo: ADG)

I was invited by the Luxury Marketing Council to participate in a panel discussion for the second time.  The first one was “Why Can’t We Just Get Along?” about  the relationships between architects, interior designers and contractors.  The subject of this week’s very candid debate was the effects of the current recession on interior designers, architects and builders, and what business practices promote client trust, increase client spending and maximize revenues. Continue reading

Tea With Claudia: Sandra Jordan

With Sandra Jordan at her home in Healdsburg (Photo: Michael Bello)

I was very much looking forward to interviewing the talented and prolific Sandra Jordan who is not only the designer of coats and wraps, silver accessories, furniture and fabrics, but also is an expert on wine, an author of a book on decanting, as well as a generous philanthropist.  Sandra is also the ambassador for VIDA (Volunteers for Inter-American Development Assistance) and an avid supporter of, among others, the Strybing Arboretum and the Santa Rosa Symphony.  In an effort to simplify life, today the hardworking designer’s main focus of the Sandra Jordan Collection is silver, and an ever-growing range of fine alpaca and toile fabrics. Continue reading