Visit SFLuxe for a chance to win additional tickets for Dining by Design

“Talk of the Town” by Michael Friedes Design in 2010 (Photo: ES Creation)

For all my local readers and those planning to visit San Francisco mid November here is a chance to win additional tickets for San Francisco’s most over-the-top and not to be missed design event DIFFA’s Dining by Design on November 16th.   SFLuxe is raffling off two additional tickets for attendees of the Table Hop & Taste event.  Check out my preview of the event, and follow instructions on the bottom to sign up for the raffle.  Good luck, and I hope to see you all there! Continue reading

Unique Talent: Beatrice Amblard

Beatrice Amblard in her workshop

I read about April in Paris a few years ago, was immediately intrigued and excited that such a high end and unique store could be found on Clement Street right here in San Francisco.  The idea of owning a bag that would be made just for me was utterly intriguing.  Since I have been lucky to get to know the boutique’s wonderful owner and to learn more about her and her work.  Born in the East of France Beatrice Amblard moved to Paris when she was 13 and started working for Hermès as a leather artisan when she was only 18.  Speaking from my own experience, in Europe apprenticeships are the way to study a craft and trade firsthand, and it takes a while to learn the fine skills required by a luxury design house like Hermès.  After 14 years with the iconic brand, both in Paris an San Francisco, Beatrice launched her own own line April in Paris, a collection of fine custom leather handbags and accessories. Continue reading

SFLuxe: Ken Fulk’s Peep Show Revealed

Peep Show Gallery

Ken Fulk recently opened his new retail shop with the usual pomp and circumstance we all have come to expect of him. Peep Show, a 3,000 sf concept store housed on the ground floor of his 7th Street warehouse, is stocked with unique furnishings, accessories, art and fashion, put together by the multi-talented designer in the same uncompromising, iconoclastic manner with which he approaches interior design. Continue reading