Thanksgiving Tables by Bloggers

White mini pumpkin on ticking napkin, brown Spode “Woodland” transferware plate on plaid runner  Jenny Hobick
(Photo: courtesy of Everyday Occasions)

Thanksgiving is upon us, and I will be spending with dear old friends at their home.  I know the food will be international and the table decidedly modern.  I can’t wait!  So no cooking, no decorating, and no ideas for tablescapes to mull over this year.  But I was wondering how my fellow bloggers around the country set their tables for the occasion.  I thought I would share with you what I found. Continue reading

Scot Meacham Wood is designing for the holidays

Scot Meacham Wood is answering questions from the audience at Kravet 

Home owners start thinking about sprucing up their homes in the months before the holidays, and often whole design projects get started this time of the year.  However, Fall at the San Francisco Design Center has generally been business as usual.  But this year has been different.  Back in early September the city’s trade center for fine furnishings held a new series of events as called “Fall Into Fabrics”, which included an afternoon with Barbara Barry, a presentation by Laurel Sprigg about the ins and outs of window treatments, and the introduction of leather master artisan Beatrice Amblard’s collaboration with the Queen of Alpaca Sandra Jordan, combining leather and fabrics in handbags and home accessories. Continue reading

Fasching is starting today at 11:11am

Masked woman at the Berlin Karneval (Photo: Axel Lauer)

I had never celebrated Halloween until a moved to this country.  When I learned more about it I was disappointes that it only lasted one day.  Growing up in Austria we got to get dressed up in over and over again for months, which really made it worth the time and money invested in a special costume.  Although Halloween has been gaining popularity in Europe too, its own big winter celebration called Fasching (fasting walk) in Austria and parts of Germany, Fastnacht (meaning night before fasting) in Southern Germany and Switzerlandor Karneval in former Roman settlements in Germany, Carnaval in France and Spain, Carnevale (related to the Latin phrase “carnem levare” = to remove meat) in Italy and Carnival in the rest of the world, still rules.  The closest to it in the US they is Mardi Gras.   Despite the many names the traditions are very similar and have sprung from the same roots. Continue reading