Our storefront on One Kings Lane

I am excited that we are part of One Kings Lane new program “Vintage & Market Finds”, which was launched this month and features antique and vintage furniture, lighting, textiles, floor coverings, tabletop, wall decor, books, art and accessories from dealers and designers around the country.  New items go up daily and will stay for remain on sale for five days unless someone snatches them up sooner, as it was the case today when three of my six items listed this morning already sold.  Very exciting! Continue reading

Leaving a legacy: Ferdinand Alexander Porsche

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche (Photo: courtesy of Porsche AG)

I may not drive, but I love beautiful cars, especially classic cars.  So I can very much relate to my friend Paul Benson whose amazing furniture is very much inspired by the elegant hand-built automobiles he saw visiting the Concourse d’Elegance every year while growing up.  But so many mass-produced cars have been lacking in design and have not inspired excitement.  However, certain larger edition models throughout the short history of the automobile industry still stand out, even if they were not hand-built.  Among them are the iconic Porsche 911, and last week we lost its creator Ferdinand Alexander Porsche who died in my home town of Salzburg at the age of 76.  The 911, which was originally named the 901, but had to be changed because Peugeot had already patented the zero for its own cars, was introduced in 1963.  Now in its 7th version, the 2012 model has retained its timeless original lines, truly an example of the endurance of great design. Continue reading

Farewell to Albert Hadley

Sketch of a guest room by Albert Hadley

Over the weekend I heard the sad news that on Friday we lost the brilliant Albert Hadley.  He was one of the greatest designers of more than one generation and also the kind of man who has only ever received praises, and deservedly so.  He was not only admired, he was loved! Many titles have been bestowed upon Mr. Hadley: Gentleman, Icon, Legend, Pioneer, Innovator, Tastemaker, Trendsetter, and Teacher.  He has mentored many prominent interior designers including Bunny Williams and David Easton, whom I had the pleasure of interviewing for “Tea With Claudia”.  Bunny called him “a gentle, creative genius who is part Peter Pan”,  David Easton said that he taught him about the sensibility of comfort, and David Kleinberg, when asked what Albert Hadley had that others didn’t, “Manners, taste, generosity.  Everything you hear about him is an understatement”.  To say that the he will be missed is clearly an understatement!  The iconic designer’s own quotes are small lessons in design and style.  While he was a leader of the old guard, when decorators were still a rare breed and interior design was a luxury only reserved for a select few, Mr. Hadley’s advice and interiors remain equally timeless. Continue reading