Mavelous in hinge Hong Kong

It is always nice to have your work being recognized in any publication, but I especially love seeing our projects featuring in magazines in other parts of the world.  The art-inspired Mavelous, a coffee & wine bar we designed in the Civic Center, was previously featured in DECOR Brazil, and now more recently in hinge, an architecture and interior design magazine in Hong Kong. Continue reading

Global Style: Alpine

Ralph Lauren’s “Alpine Lodge” collection (Photo: courtesy of Ralph Lauren)

I just recently finished my insider guide of Salzburg for THE ADDRESS magazine, and naturally it made me long for an overdue visit to the motherland.  Then I came across Ralph Lauren’s new home collection for Fall called “Alpine Lodge”, and I decided to torture myself a little more by sharing some of my Alpine favorites with you.  I was very blessed to grow up in Austria, surrounded by exceptional beauty in both architecture and nature.  Daily life always blended the two seamlessly.  Whether walking around downtown Salzburg and visiting the stunning churches, palaces and villas or roaming the countryside, playing in the fields, meandering around lakes or hiking up mountain paths, I always got to enjoy the bounty Austria has to offer.  Also, Austria’s imperial past and rural life have always been an apparent presence and live in visual harmony, where the formal and the informal support one another making for a much richer experience.

Today Austrians also add a modern twist to their rich heritage, whether it is in the décor of their homes or their dress.  The same goes for the other countries in the Alpine region, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Italy, where an honest respect for history is enhanced by 21st century living.  Let’s take a look at Alpine style and how it has evolved. Continue reading