Champagne, Champagne and more Champagne


I know that I have said this before, I love sparkling wine, not only Champagne, but a great Cava or Sekt or Prosecco as well.  Besides the wonderful taste there is also something about its color, finish and sparkle, which provides great inspiration for interiors and fashion.

It is a great shade for metal, and a number of manufacturers offer hardware and plumbing fixtures in Champagne and white bronze, perfectly reflecting the shimmer and color of one of my favorite beverages.


“Champagne Bronze” finish by Atlas Hardware (Photo: courtesy of Atlas Hardware)

Bronze MetalClockwise from top left:

Champagne is also a wonderful hue for other materials, such as leather, silk, mother of pearl, glass etc., always adding a sense of luxury and elegance.  I especially love golden Murano glass objects made in the “Avventurina” technique, which was invented in the 17th century by accident when a glass maker spilled copper filings into the glass he was working.  The technique was named after this lucky mistake based on the Italian word “ventura” meaning fortune or chance.  The result is stunning, where clear glass is infused with metal particles that create a golden shimmery and sparkling appearance.


“Sputnik” Murano Avventurina glass chandelier, ca. 1980 at Jean Marc Fray

Champagne Materials

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Translated into diamonds, luscious fabrics, embroideries and rhinestones, Champagne has a stronghold in fashion as well.

Champagne Fashion

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When I don’t drink it I can live in Champagne and wear it.  I am just loving this pale gold sparkly hue, and clearly I am not the only one.