Barbara Klein, Liam Mayclem, Bahya Oumlil-Murad, David Chiu

The Shanti Project celebrated its 39th anniversary with their annual gala highlighting “Compassion Is Universal” by honoring the courage of its clients, the devotion of its volunteers, and the generosity of its supporters.  Former Shanti client and now a member of the Democratic County Central Committee Matt Dorsey received the James C. Hormel Client Community Spirit Award and long-time volunteer Jill Isenstadt the Margot Murphy Breast Cancer Inspiration Award.

Founded in 1974 by Dr. Charles Garfield, Shanti was the first-ever volunteer organizations to work with terminally ill individuals, and later it became one of the first community-based HIV/AIDS organizations in the world.  Each year Shanti serves over 2,000 people with Breast Cancer or HIV/AIDS.

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Bespoke Design Evolution: “Villa Borghese” Armoire

Adeeni Armoire 3Detailed of finished armoire

The process of designing custom furniture is both detailed and thrilling.  Nothing is better than seeing a design come to life step by step.  I previously shared the process of designing and executing a pair of modern night stands, and how this traditional armoire came about was similar.

Idea: The clients needed an armoire to hold the TV in their traditional bedroom.  Given the fact that the only place for it was on the wall perpendicular to the bed it needed to have a pull-out that could also swivel to turn the TV for viewing.  In considering the high ceilings the piece also needed to be tall to have proper proportions.

Design: We looked at a number of Italian antiques and picked certain elements we liked and came up with a quick hand sketch for the clients.  From there we started changing and refining in AutoCAD to get the proper details and proportions.  From there we worked out the interior and top shelves for the clients’ collection of blue and white vases.

Adeeni Armoire DrawingsQuick sketch of original idea and final front elevation of refined design

Adeeni Armoire Drawing IntArmoire interior elevation

Execution: After completing all detailed drawings we worked closely with the furniture maker in developing all the trim details and the finish, which was a brown black I custom-mixed done in a gloss finish, highlighted with gilding.  It took quite a number of visits to get it just right.

Adeeni Armoire 1Yours truly checking the door trim details against the drawings

Adeeni Armoire UnfinishedUnfinished armoire interior & exterior

Adeeni Armoire FinishedFinished armoire interior & exterior with hardware installed

Installation: The completed “Villa Borghese” armoire is in perfect proportion with the room, and the vases rest comfortable on the top.

Adeeni ArmoireInstalled “Villa Borghese” armoire

All photos by Adeeni Design Group.

The armoire was the final piece to complete the master bedroom of this historic mansion.  All agree that it turned out just perfect, both in function and aesthetics.  Custom pieces are always well worth the extra efforts.