Antonio Martins 14

“About a Bed” master bedroom by Antonio Martins (Photo: Drew Kelly)

This year’s 37th San Francisco Decorator Showcase, benefitting the scholarship fund of San Francisco University High School, was being held at a gorgeous brick mansion on 3660 Jackson Street. Renowned San Francisco Architect Alfred H. Jacobs, who is perhaps best known for his design of the Curran Theater, designed it in 1907 for Alfred and Rose Sutro. The almost 9,000 sf house also boasts an expansive rear garden and beautiful views of the Presidio and San Francisco Bay. A young couple in finance purchased the home last July, and they have hired architect Gil Shafer and interior designer Miles Redd to expand and update the home for their family. But while these East Coast design powerhouses were working on reconfiguring their new residence, the owners graciously loaned it to University High School for this year’s showcase. 30 local designers transformed most of its rooms, expressing their visions of how they would see a young family living in this historic estate.

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Obsession: Christophe Côme

Christophe ComeChristophe Côme (Photo: Roberto Frankenberg)

I was first introduced to Parisian designer and sculptor Christophe Côme’s work at FOG Design + Art this winter.  Cristina Grajales Gallery showed a number of his pieces at her booth, and my staff and I were absolutely captivated.  It was love at first site!  But I learned that his talent has had many prominent devotees for a while.  Among them are fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld, and design luminaries Peter Marino, Alberto Pinto and the late David Collins.

Christophe Come

“Tiscota” cabinet and screen by Christophe Côme, Cristina Grajales Gallery at FOG Design + Art (Photo: Brice Stanek)

Christophe Come 4

“Grand” cabinet” and “Tube” cabinet by Christophe Côme (Photos: courtesy of Cristina Grajales Gallery)

Christophe’s originality and craftsmanship are unmatched, and his pieces have a sense of timelessness that harkens back to the 1970s while reflecting now and tomorrow.  He studied under French sculptor Louis Derbré where he learned about casting bronze, mostly creating sculptures and jewelry.  He started experimenting with furniture in the mid 1990s and soon fell in love with incorporating glass into his pieces.  His sculptural approach to furniture and the unique combination of glass and bronze created a distinctive style unlike any other.  There is an elegance to his furniture and lighting, that perfectly balances a masculine masculine and modern sensibility with a stylized organic quality, elevating each of his pieces to works of art.  You cannot help but wanting to touch them.

Christophe Come 1

“Red Lava” cabinet 2010 by Christophe Côme (Photos: courtesy of Christophe Côme)

Christophe Come 3

“Paravent au Cercle” 2005 by Christophe Côme (Photos: courtesy of Christophe Côme)

Christophe Come 6

 “Irregular” console 2007 by Christophe Côme (Photos: courtesy of Christophe Côme)

Christophe Come Collection 1

 Jewel box, tables, mirror and cabinet by Christophe Côme (Photos: courtesy of Christophe Côme)

Christophe Come Collection 2

 Jewel box, tables, mirror and cabinet by Christophe Côme (Photos: courtesy of Christophe Côme)

Now I am hoping for that perfect project to come along worthy of a fabulous piece by this amazing artist.