We could not do it without you!

Healdsburg 1-640

The success of our design largely depends on good collaborators.  Our ideas and clients’ dreams could not be realized without the talents and hard work of the architects we partner with, the engineers that assure safety, the contractors that build our designs with quality and within budget and often tight deadlines, and the artisans that make our designs of furnishings come to life.  But let’s not forget our clients who are perhaps the biggest partner in a design collaboration, who trust our vision, respect our skills and let us lead them into often new territory while appreciating our hard work and showing patience when certain things are not in our control.  And let’s not forget my staff without whom I could not get it all done.


Craftsman pre-drilling holes

Eliot Sutro

Architect Eliot Sutro testing the texture of concrete

Roof Framing

Engineering of gazebo roof

Paul Benson

Paul Benson, metal artisan extraordinaire 

I would like to extend a sincere thank you to all of you!  Wishing you a very Happy Labor Day!