Tea With Claudia: Jan Showers

Claudia JanClaudia Juestel and Jan Showers (Photo: Moanalani Jeffrey)

When I was at the Design Bloggers Conference in Los Angeles a few years ago I got a call from Kyle Bunting just as I was about to walk into the conference room to hear Jan Showers, one of the nation’s leading interior designers, speak. Turns out they are great friends, and he asked me to say hello. I just caught her at the end of her presentation as she hurried out to catch a plane back to Dallas for another event that same day. The jet-setting designer was clearly in a hurry, but Jan’s Southern grace still came through when she took the time to have a quick chat with me.

Naturally, I was really looking forward to spending more time with such a lovely lady, and I got a lot of that when we finally sipped tea at her suite at the Huntington Hotel in San Francisco, overlooking the park and Grace Cathedral.

We talked about everything from her childhood dreams to her start in interior design and later furniture design, her family, her love for travel and what still may come. I was taken by Jan’s warmth and candor and feel so blessed to have spent such an enjoyable afternoon with her.

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