Happy Mother’s Day

Claudia Mama Jesolo 2

With my mom on the streets of Jesolo, Italy on a rather mother/daughter vacation

The first things that come to mind when I think about my mother are hard work, fashion statements and great food.

Since my parents started their own business when they were only in their twenties I remember that they were both always working very hard.  So attention for me and my sister and family vacations were on short hand, but I knew that they were building something for all of us.

I recall red short hair wigs and Missoni dresses in the seventies, a purple mink coat and Issey Miyake get-ups in the eighties and always lots of great shoes, which unfortunately were two sizes larger than mine.  So I had to start my own “bad habit”.  But I still have one of her Issey Miyake blouses today.

My mom is an amazing cook, but she loves sour and extremely spicy food, which on occasion would challenge the rest of the family a bit.  She would say, “I only used one chili”, but we would fine one on each of our plates.  Now every time I go home to Austria I look forward to at least one or two 7-8 course meals with ingredients mostly from my dad’s garden.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom and all the amazing women around the world whose children are blessed by their mother’s love.