Through rose colored glasses, the “it” metals: copper and rose gold

Custom-cut “La Leaf” copper-leafed glass tile by Artistic Tile for Bilotta Kitchens (Photo: courtesy of Artistic Tile)

Warm metals have returned to favor in recent years, and especially copper and rose gold have become the metals of choice for a more unique look in both home design and fashion.  When it comes to interiors and architecture copper is more prevalent, most likely given the cost difference between the metals. Continue reading

Très chic mobile homes

Vintage Airstream redesigned by Craig Dorsey in an Adirondak theme (Photo: Craig Dorsey)

I had no idea what a trailer park was when I first came to this country, as we really don’t have anything like that in Austria.  But once I learned more I always wondered why trailers could not look a little better, even on a very small budget.  Nevertheless I am fascinated by the mobility, low budget construction and the small imprint on the environment.  Inspired by Brillante Interiors’ piece about a Hangar Design Group’s mobile micro-home I researched more options for stylish mobile living. Continue reading